About the Blog

"The nu Creations" was created to help Alyssa Adelle Judson, an aspiring fashion designer, to better be able to express her ideas and feelings, and gain exposure to the fashion world.
There will be posts about celebrity styles, the newest trends to try, random inspiration, and fashion journal notes. Alyssa hopes that while this blog helps her expand her fashion expertise and cultivate her opinions and ideas, it serves to make an enjoyable and inspiring read for you!
If there is ever a certain topic you want to hear about or a question you want answered, please comment, or email Alyssa at alysj1215@gmail.com.
Alyssa would love to hear from you, and thinks that cooperation would give her more designing insight into what you would like to see and wear, along with her own preferences.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Love your blog! Xo

    - Courtney Ellen


  2. Though I'm a new follower, I really like your blog and blogging style! Can't wait to see what new posts are still to come! :)



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