Wednesday, September 25, 2013


So, right around this time everyone is thinking "autumn", right? Fall is one of my favorite fashion seasons. Now, you might say to me, "one of..?? There's only, like, 4 of them." I know, but honestly, all of them are my favorites for different reasons. But since everyone is in the cozy fall mood right now, I'll just talk about that.
I love fall for the scarves, warm colors, and jackets.
 Its cold enough to start wearing jackets and sweaters, but warm enough to leave them open and show off your totally awesome shirt underneath.
I also love the scarf/sunglasses combo, and fall is really the only time of the year that you can pull it of without getting funny looks.
Fall is also the season for neutral colors, and I am IN LOVE with neutrals. You can mix and match almost any of them with each other and wear a whole neutral ensemble.
Also, the boots start coming out. Boots are my favorite type of shoes ever. They deserve a post all for themselves.
Fall is also the best time to go gallivanting around the city. Not so cold that you freeze to death, but your not dying of sweat, either.

Basically, you stay alive. And that's a good thing.

So, those are a few of my favorite things about fall. What are yours?

Oh, and if you are from somewhere that is warm all year round, I am truly sorry for your loss:)


  1. My 3 favorite things about weather/dress are fall, jackets and boots, and the best thing about it is that they all go together!

    1. My favorite season is fall! I generally like fall and winter clothes better - I think they have more style, you can do more with your outfits and they provide full coverage! I love jackets and that you can layer clothing - especially on the top and really like shorts or jeans with a sweatshirt or layered combo for comfort. In the evening, bring on the warm cozy sweats! --Auntie Laura (using Uncle Bill's FB)

    2. Yeah I totally have a lot more options with fall/winter clothes:)


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