Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dinesha Guest Post: Reviving the Standards

Hi my name is Dinesha Johnson and not only am I a blogger, but I’m also an item evolver, allow me to explain. If you’re like me and believe in mixing up your basics to stand out then you too are an item evolver. Helping staple items evolve into different looks, is a skill that needs to be practiced consistently. Recently I decided to start making my outerwear evolve to fit my personal style even more, I started off with blazers.

     Blazers are considered a standard outerwear item. When buying a blazer it’s advised to  find a flattering fit for your specific body and buy one in a neutral color so you can wear it however you want. Although blazers are considered standard pieces that doesn't mean they have to be boring! Spice it up with the most popular blazer trends, that you can wear on various occasions.
     Right now, pastel is quietly gaining popularity believe it or not. You can find cotton candy colors on watches, shoes, in hair, why not a blazer? A pastel blazer breathes freshness into a look and is a refreshing change from the standard navy blue or black business jacket.
    A velvet jacket is made to keep you warm and to add texture to this usually sophisticated style. I own a velvet jacket myself and have managed to wear it out for fun, to class and to an interview talk about versatile! Also if color doesn't do much for you a velvet blazer is a great alternative, because this piece specifically stands out due to texture.
   Plaid blazers fit right in with the massive plaid trend we've witnessed this season. Plaid is quite literally everywhere, it’s not going to hurt you to add it to your outerwear. Speaking of massive trends, faux leather panels have grown in popularity as well in the following blazers. Plaid and faux leather blazers are for edgier, trendier occasions like going out with friends.
   And last but certainly not least, is the sparkly, sequin embellished blazer. Not only does this blazer shine bright like a diamond(Rihanna would be proud), it also serves as jewelry and works for the festive season. Don’t worry about earrings and the proper necklace with this piece, it shimmers enough on it’s own!

   I hope this post helped revive your eye for standard outfit pieces like that of the classic blazer, feel free to check out any of my social media below if you’d like to see more style and fashion tips!

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